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Deploying an Endless Aisle omnichannel strategy

Given the current competitive environment, every retailerwants to offer their customers as many product choices as possible.For the ecommerce portion of the business, it’s a bit easier to carry a variety of products but for a brick and mortar store space constraint is a big issue. With a finite amount of shelf space, stores can only stock a limited number of products.

Endless Aisle is an in-store consumer facing interactive screen that displays a brand’s entire product range. Customers are no longer waiting on sales assistants to assist them and now want the power to browse, discover and purchase on their own.

Unlike traditional signage, endless aisle allows consumers to independently touch, tap and swipe kiosks for product imagery, catwalks, more information and more importantly completing their purchase. By using customer-facing, interactive touchscreens, retailers empower shoppers to browse, discover and purchase on their own, increasing sales and customer loyalty.

It allows the retailers to mimic the seemingly infinite choices of online shopping and a virtual world in a brick and mortar environment. More products, more point-of-sale options and more merchandise access channels in the retail environment will lead to greater sales, greater customer base and a more satisfied consumer. Today’s consumers, especially millennials, want fast service and expect access to every product option — options that aren’t within reach in the physical store environment.

One way to deliver that accessibility is the concept of endless aisle that many retailers, big and small, have put into play. An endless aisle is provided via an interactive kiosk (or via a tablet and other mobile device) in the physical store that lets customers search for different product options not available on the brick-and-mortar’s shelves and then lets the customer purchase the product to either have it delivered to the home or for in-store pickup.

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