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Same-Day Delivery: The next step of e-commerce

Same day delivery is the latest trend and a challenging service in the e-commerce industry. In today’s fast paced environment and with so many options available, consumers do not have the patience to wait. They need everything in their hands as soon as possible. By considering this behavior pattern of the modern day consumer, more and more e-commerce companies are opting for “Same Day Delivery” by using latest technology in order to exist in competitive online marketing.

Due to drastic change in the consumer behavior over the years, several e-commerce industries have focused on adapting new ways of meeting their demands, same day delivery being one of them. As a result, those in the customized logistics and delivery industry have had to embrace some big changes. Retailers, too, have had to find ways to adapt.

Nowadays, e-commerce has changed the game of how parcels are transported and delivered to customers. With the help of advanced technology various methods of delivery has been made possible to reach out the customer in every corner. .

This massive improvement has set high standards in the logistics and supply chain industry, with consumers now expecting a fast delivery service from businesses so that they can patronize their products. With both next day and same day delivery service currently available, customers are happy and satisfied with their overall experience.

The experts from the industry will be sharing their knowledge at the Panel Discussion- Path to Same day delivery at Internet Commerce Summit held on 20-21 August 2019 at ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru.

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