Unlock Retail – Rebuilding Business for #NewNormal

In today’s era of social distancing, technologies, and innovations remain at the forefront of all the relevant board room discussions. How do we ensure a safe retail environment for our customers in-store, what are the various tools that will help engage with the customer? The in-store experience and online platform is part of the customer journey and technologies that can serve as important touchpoints to customers, as well as assist and augment frontline employee in the #NewNormal will be the focus of brands and retailers.


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Experience of an in-person event with the flexibility of location independence!

The virtual Summit experience will replicate the traditional in-person event with opportunities to interact with speakers, visit exhibition booths and network with other attendees in a virtual environment on the web

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The building blocks of retail

  • Just being present at the online or offline touchpoint is no more the right way to commerce. It is now important to be able to diversify and make your presence felt at every juncture.
  • Brands need to amp their retail game and in order to get more business insights and trend outlook in #NewNormal
  • Here’s How India's largest Omnichannel furniture brand: Pepperfry redefined business models

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Expanding the horizon of retail

  • Find new ideas for business growth and diversification. Churn out inspiring thought trails and weave a dialogue with the stalwarts of the industry.
  • Learn first-hand from them and share your thoughts too, to create a platform for the exchange of ideas.
  • Get a sneak peek into the latest retail trends with us:

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Bringing the retail world closer to the customer

  • Building your own supplier base, enrolling with a technology provider who can review and revive your working capacity, and meeting to discuss business possibilities, you can do it all at our platform.
  • This platform is designed to help you interact with the right minds to make your business a growing opportunity.
  • Listen to what the experts are saying about omnichannel becoming the need of the hour at our latest Omnichannel Super Saturday webinar

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Making 'retail at a click' possible

  • Gather insights and knowledge about new trends of business from leading speakers and become a part of the power-packed knowledge sharing podium to analyse your business more closely in order to mould it for success.
  • There is no stopping you from building meaningful conversations and you can gain immense thought-starter points too.
  • Read Forrester’s insights into how India is preparing for online retail.

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Our Patrons

This platform allows you to connect with individuals from across the industry to facilitate networking, deal-making, and mentoring – creating lasting connections.

That’s why, we have industry leaders joining us from time and again. They are the CEOs, CMOs, CXOs, Founders, and illustrious personalities. From meeting and greeting the industry to networking and facilitating an enriching discussion around a noteworthy trend, our platform has always sparked the right conversations and motivated the industry pioneers.

Past Speakers

The Program

8 World Class speakers will provide the most useful hints about your next projext and give you a fresh breeze of true inspiration for special ideas and innovative concepts.

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Event Outlay

The ICS Edge

Over 5000 delegates from across the globe will join ICS in October to network, join in discussions, and participate in exclusive sessions to analyze newer technologies and innovations





Virtual Program


DAY - 1

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10:00 am remove 10:10 am
Main Theatre

A virtual tour of ICS 2020 and various activities

10:10 am remove 10:30 am
White Paper Presentation

9 Golden rules of Customer Centricity - Decoding how consumer Behaviour has evolved in the #NewNormal

As entire countries come under quarantine orders and consumers around the world start to shun human contact, brands and retailers are scrambling to adapt to the #NewNormal. They recognize the global response to the novel COVID-19 virus will have a significant impact on their business. The White Paper will focus on 1) Managing Demand Fluctuation due to zoning and containment 2) Shoring up Cash Reserves 3) Protecting the People and how do you manage workforce 4) Supplychain disruptions across geographies.

10:30 am remove 10:45 am
Keynote Speak

Building business in #NewNormal - Retail Future Outlook in a Covid 19 World!!

10:45 am remove 11:05 am
Research Presentation

Customers & the New reality - Preparing the business for evolving consumer needs, behaviours and expectations

11:05 am remove 12:20 pm
Keynote Speak

Inaugural Session

The Next Digital Horizon: Building Capabilities for a new world

12:20 pm remove 1:20 pm
CEOs Future Gazing

Will Omnichannel adoption become the next big truth in retail?

The true convergence of customer experience & commerce in the connected world

2:00 pm remove 2:45 pm
Scripting Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your business

CXO Talks

The path to cognitive retail – applying AI to create experience across value chain

12:30 pm remove 3:30 pm
Will Omnichannel become the #NewNormal in Retail


How do you build trust and engagement with customers through a differentiated Omnichannel strategy

3:30 pm remove 4:30 pm


The Gamechanger for Consumer Businesses Achieving Advanced Insights and AI for Analytics - How does data science and machine learning fit within organization’s analytics and AI strategies

4:30 pm remove 4:45 pm
Keynote Speak

Keynote Speak

4:45 pm remove 5:30 pm
How do you build an agile and responsive omni-channel supply chain


Maximising supply chain efficiency for an Omni-demand customer. Adopting a segmented supply chain and inventory model helps to strike the balance between agility and efficiency.

2:00 pm remove 2:45 pm
The Rise and Rise of Social Media


How do businesses adapt to evolving landscape of digital media and the rise of OTT Platform across geographies?

2:45 pm remove 3:15 pm
Getting Customer-Ready


Let's look at how the world is reviving storefronts at every touchpoint to make the customer feel safe and comfortable in the #NewNormal. We present a virtual tour of retail experiences in New Normal from Singapore, Dubai, Sydney and Mumbai

3:30 pm remove 4:30 pm


Building a customer first marketing approach - Analysing Customer preferences, channels and data to enable a targeted & personalised marketing

4:30 pm remove 4:45 pm
Keynote Speak

Keynote Speak

4:45 pm remove 5:30 pm

Marketing Automation

Leveraging automation tools to engage with you customer at every step of their journey, and deliver targeted campaigns based on their preferences

2:00 pm remove 2:45 pm
Cracking the code of Food deliveries

Thoughtleadership DIscussion

Exploring how the rise in Income and Internet Facilities drive Online Food Delivery Market in India. Understanding how businesses are built around deliveries.

2:45 pm remove 3:15 pm


From war of Cards to war of Wallets and now cryptocurrency - Enabling a new digital economy in India to augment the speed of internet business

3:30 pm remove 4:30 pm
Collaborate to win


Building a collaborative strategy of various stakeholders like brands, 3PL and logistics companies to maximise operational efficiencies

4:30 pm remove 4:45 pm
Keynote Speak

Keynote Speak

4:45 pm remove 5:30 pm
ROI driven ecommerce delivery


Analysing business requirements to evaluate delivery innovation which can drive ROI and bring better customer experience



Previous Partners



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8 - 9 OCTOBER 2020

Confirmed Attendees
  • ★ Subhajit Mazumder, Microsoft
  • ★ Sunil Kuruvath, ColorTokens
  • ★ Venkataraman , Jovera
  • ★ Saurabh Dalal, Pranjivan
  • ★ Neelima Sinha, Acuver Consulting
  • ★ Ankita, CRED
  • ★ Alok Dhungana, BeezBag
  • ★ Sthita, Zetwerk
  • ★ Manoj Patel, House of Anita Dongre Private Ltd.
  • ★ Aditya Tyagi, ITC
  • ★ Nisha Yadav, NAOS Skin Care Pvt Ltd
  • ★ Piyush Kateja, Oxfordcaps
  • ★ Pranjal Salgaonkar , Naos India
  • ★ Pradeep Sharma, EY
  • ★ Gaganish Mittal, GEIPL
  • ★ Sandeep Goenka, Bagzone Lifestyles P Ltd
  • ★ Amit Chopra, Shoes & accessories
  • ★ Prasanna, TCA Ltd
  • ★ Shiv Perinchery, Caliber Global
  • ★ Sudhir Kumar, SIF garments Pvt Ltd
  • ★ vikash chaturvedi, Pld Industries
  • ★ Ajit Singh, Postronix Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • ★ Ajay Kumar Gupta, Stargate Tech Pvt Ltd
  • ★ Manoj Kumar Velamala, Infoedge
  • ★ Velmurugan T, Antal International
  • ★ Nupur Maheshwari, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.
  • ★ Rupesh Ravi, NEC
  • ★ Jignesh Kapasi, Passion Bazaar
  • ★ Madhav Nishtala, SAP India P Ltd
  • ★ Satyabhargav, primeccentric
  • ★ Ashish Sharma, Vaibhav Jewellers
  • ★ Somit Basak, Aintu Services
  • ★ Aakash, Jargon Ventures
  • ★ Raju Nair, Binzagr foods
  • ★ Abhay Rana, Global Network and Supply Management
  • ★ Muhammed Muhusin Khan , Mindteck India Ltd
  • ★ Ravi Aravamuthan, prism Johnson ltd
  • ★ Raju Dedhia, Vinculum
  • ★ Amit Agrawal, Msg Global Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
  • ★ Aditya Banerjee, Msg Global Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
  • ★ Rishabh Bilala, Msg Global Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
  • ★ Ajay Karthik, Kloc Technologies
  • ★ Varun Kant, Praxis home retail limited
  • ★ Abhay Potnis, GBM Qatar WLL
  • ★ Roop Thothadri, IBM
  • ★ Tracel fernandez, CJ affiliate
  • ★ Neeraj Bezalwar, Spindle Innovation Labs
  • ★ Dhiraj Dubey, NAOS Skin Care India Pvt Ltd
  • ★ Daanish Butt, Solveda
  • ★ Phani, EPAM
  • ★ Ashish kumar srivastava, TCS
  • ★ Plaban Roy, EasyRewardz
  • ★ Richa Grover, Accenture
  • ★ Aditya Garg, Fabindia overseas
  • ★ Dr. Anshu Jalora, Sciative Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • ★ Shiv Shankar Gogia, Gogia Consultancy Services
  • ★ Harsha Chittar, CJ Affiliate
  • ★ Vijay Kawale, Neubrain Solutions
  • ★ Fazil Saifudheen, Inbusiness Ventures Pvt Ltd
  • ★ Anubha Mishra, Logic Information Systems
  • ★ Marazban Bharucha, KAMPZ Consulting
  • ★ Sandip Vazirani, 4AM
  • ★ Srikkanth S, The Strategy School
  • ★ Nataraj Gopadi, Devharsh Infotech (P) Ltd
  • ★ Lakshdeep Rajput, SearchTap
  • ★ Ashish beesetti, NIT Arunchal Pradesh
  • ★ Maheswarakumar, HCL Tech
  • ★ Neelesh, Tata Consultancy Services
  • ★ Supreeth , Ingram
  • ★ Ashish Narula, Technopak Advisors
  • ★ Murali Mohan K, Murdeshwar Ceramics
  • ★ Nazif Tejani, Bestseller India
  • ★ Sandeep Kumar, Henry Harvin Education
  • ★ Abhijit Khatav, HT Media Ltd
  • ★ Vijay kumar singh, HSIL Limited
  • ★ Pooja Jois, Tesco
  • ★ Ashutosh Kumar, Tesco
  • ★ Anil Kumar R, Tesco Bengaluru
  • ★ George Paul, Forte Furniture Products India Pvt. Ltd.
  • ★ Mohamed Naseem PMA, Madras Trading Company
  • ★ Ankit Majumder, EasyRewardz Software Services Pvt Ltd
  • ★ Atul Kumar Agarwal, Cosmos Ventures
  • ★ Aloke Mahapatra, CJ Affiliate
  • ★ Rahul Saha, Tesco
  • ★ Alok Singh, Metro Brands Limited
  • ★ Ritesh Pandey, CocoonIT Services Pvt Ltd
  • ★ Maulik Shah, Frigorifico Allana Pvt Ltd
  • ★ Mahem Dwivedi , Creaticity, DFPCL
  • ★ Kaushalendra, Easyrewardz solution
  • ★ Parth Sharma, Baazi Games
  • ★ Varun Ganjoo, Baazi Games
  • ★ Pradeep Java, Globus Stores Pvt Ltd
  • ★ Alok, Orientbell Tiles
  • ★ Mayur Oberoi,
  • ★ Raja B, Studentz
  • ★ Praveen, Kapoor
  • ★ Sreenagh , The circus Solutions
  • ★ Rajiv Manalal Gupta, Corporate Office
  • ★ Salim Khan, Corvuss Academy
  • ★ Shampa Dhali, Marriott Internatioanl Inc
  • ★ Amish Verma, Stella Tradex Private Limited OPC
  • ★ Vikram Lad, Valrours Media Pvt Ltd
  • ★ Deepak Nagar, Myntra
  • ★ Kumudini Rajaram, Tesco
  • ★ Ankita Singh, FTD Infocom
  • ★ Sagorpriyo Sikdar, Publicis Media
  • ★ Aïcha Miloudi , Oracle
  • ★ Shikha Mehra, AlterLyfe
  • ★ Vishal Mehra, ViDhi Fashion World
  • ★ Chandan Kumar, Herringbone Weaves Pvt Ltd
  • ★ Vishwajeet Kumar, Digital Aid Solutions
  • ★ AS, Xiao India Private Limited
  • ★ Alexander Tovey, Like Digital
  • ★ Saurabh Prabhakar, Mahindra Logistics
  • ★ Sonik Sourabh,
  • ★ Ashish Kumar Dhir, Technopak Advisors
  • ★ Abhinav Paitandy, Nagarro
  • ★ Mubarak alam khan, Tesco
  • ★ Anoop Bhardwaj, Somany Homes Innovation Limited
  • ★ Mihir Mittal, The Hatke
  • ★ Subhash Oommen, Neeti Brand Accerlator
  • ★ Ankita Agrawal, Freshinn