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CXOs Conclave: MENA’s ‘The Internet Way’: The Opportunity, Challenges, and Success Stories

Middle East in already a digital powerhouse. Technology is no longer a vertical of the MENA economy; it is a horizontal enabler of every MENA economic sector, from transportation to education. For the world’s largest tech multinationals, regional banks, and garage startups, the Middle East presents a large and rapidly growing opportunity. MENA leaders have walked the talk on Technology becoming a pillar of their knowledge economies by investing five times more in IT than the U.S government, in proportion to their GDP.

Case in point being UAE and Saudi – being laser-focused on AI, genomics, and blockchain, and technology is writ large on disrupting numerous industries, including food, transport, financial services, healthcare, real estate, and this is just the beginning.

How do we take this exponential growth opportunity ahead, what are the pitfalls to watch, and how we can accelerate ideas to transform our businesses into digital powerhouses and capture a bigger consumption pie of the digital economy.

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