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Making Internet RELEVANT for STORES – Crafting the Internet Experience for Our Retail Stores

Internet can not only enable our digital footprint via the e-store, website or app where sales happen and brand gets built, but can also be a very valuable asset to increasing the Customer Experience and Fulfilment inside our stores.

A new way to look at Internet for Brick-n-Mortar:

  • Customer experience curated with Digital integration and power of Internet in our Stores
  • ‘Physical Meeting Points’ made effortless for the customer with integration of tech and digital:
    • Wayfinding and In Store Navigation
    • Digital Self-Service Kiosks in Stores
    • Digital Signage and Engagement
    • Range Experience and Exploration
    • In Store Analytics and Computer Vision
    • Collection Experience (Click & Collect)
    • Returns & Waiting Experience
    • Future Store Experience
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