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THE MENA CATALYST – Accelerating the Future of e-Commerce through a New Age of Digital Democracy

  • Evangelizing the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) – advances in AI, cloud computing, robotics, 3D printing, IoT, advanced wireless technologies, quantum computing
  • The Future of Lifestyle Management – AI, Robots, Apps, Deep Machine Learning commanding how we work, sleep, learn, socialize, entertain
  • Vision, Values, and Velocity – Middle East’s vision of 2071
  • Internet for Human Development – means to achieve social and economic equality, inclusiveness, access to market choices
  • Internet for the Environment – fighting waste, building energy efficiency, green initiatives, achieving climate change goals, environmental and sustainability goals of enterprises, promoting a recyclable and circular economy
  • Internet Freedom promoting Human Capabilities in the Digital Age – empowering Entrepreneurs to build newer businesses, greater opportunities for work, increasing livelihoods offering choice of work across greater range of time and distances, greater choices and flexibility to Consumers
  • Make Commerce Human – Choices, Accessibility, Ease, Opportunities
  • Smart homes, Connected automobiles, Intelligent appliances – allowing people to have more time at hand to do things they really enjoy that give them greater fulfilment
  • How the ‘Internet Leadership’ has helped Middle East score Social and Economic benefits
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