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What will be cloud computing strategies for 2020

Cloud Computing have made an underlying promotion and fervor around the globe. With the changing time, businesses are changing the strategies and working in a way to survive or grow in the future. The major changes was seen when the trend of mobile phones started replacing computers and the Internet of Things (IoT) platform came into picture.

While taking a look at the increasing number of patterns in the technological area, cloud computing in 2020 is ready to experience a gigantic advancement and change. These types of changing technologies have provided a very strong power to the end users and they are becoming an important part of the professional as well as the private lives too, and the requirements that one needs to accommodate all these things in their process is increasing day by day.

The next big thing now is to see how Artificial Intelligence (AI) improvises cloud considering the way cloud technology has improvised AI development. As per IBM study, about 90% of early cloud adopters claim that cloud technology will play an important role in their Artificial Intelligence initiatives in the coming years. And more than 55% of users chose cloud-based services and are leveraging SaaS and PaaS to execute and deploy AI-infused cloud results.

Cloud Computing is the most reliable source of operation in the future considering its cost effectiveness and ease of use. Hence companies are moving towards this at a much fast pace. One other reason behind the success of cloud computing is the flexibility it offers like, Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Today the scenario is changed, Cloud computing services have taken the responsibility of the majority of core business data. This is because of the simple reason that these services have lessened the workload of business enterprises to a great extent.

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