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How To Build Your Superior MarTech for the Digital HyperExpansion Era

Making your #brand more relevant and relatable to the new age customers and media.

“If marketing is about the story you tell, MarTech is about how and well you tell it in the customer journey”.

In the hyper-expanded digital world, customer engagement and experiences have shifted from monolithic experiences to hyperpersonalized, contextual experiences that are delivered in real time.

Learn how to craft a well-honed MarTech stack to gather customer data, create distinct profiles, communicate with customers, identify and nurture leads, monitor customer service and feedback, and track campaign success.

  • The State of Marketing Operations and Key Trends for 2023
  • How MarTech can make a big difference if used effectively – use cases and case study examples which have delivered spectacular results
  • Some new-age tools that offer cutting-edge marketing solutions for your business and how to implement them
  • How to build your MarTech strategy – when you are attempting it for the first time?
  • What to include in a MarTech stack – with over 9,000+ MarTech tools available in the ecosystem, how do you select the relevant tools aligned with your business goals?
  • Which tools are Marketing Ops leaders looking to invest in?
  • How to prove the ROI of your MarTech investments?
  • How to integrate your marketing technology tools – when a typical enterprise will have more than 100 applications
  • Creating a measurable MarTech strategy – so that your Board/C-suite backs it up fully
  • Futureproof your MarTech stack – so that it doesn’t get obsolete in the next 2 years
  • Growth Hacker Insights
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