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  • In the face of increasing competition and rising customer expectations, incorporating AI into their operations becomes imperative for brands looking to elevate customer engagement. Recognizing this necessity, how are business leaders reacting to it, especially from a customer engagement point of view?
  • How can advanced AI benefit customer satisfaction and improve user experiences? Can you elaborate on some of the use cases or potential use cases?
  • Please comment on the role of AI-powered engagement platforms in churn or drop-offs reduction, especially keeping the current macroeconomic climate
  • In the context of AI, data protection is a significant concern. To maintain brand trust and safeguard data, what steps should brands take?

Kunal Badiani, Regional VP – Growth & Strategy, MoEngage in conversation with Syed Zeeshan Ali, Regional Technology Lead – Middle East, Pakistan, Turkey, Africa and Germany. (MEP and TAG), Yum! Brands and Vivek Gupta, Director of Digital, MENA, Pak, CIS, Turk, Yum! Brands

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