Imbesat Ahmad

: CEO & Co-Founder

After graduating from the prestigious IIT Kharagpur, he turned down lucrative offers from some of the best corporate organisations. He chose his lifelong passion – teaching as his career path. He has been a strong advocate of higher secondary education in India and has always envisioned making education easy and accessible for every student around the world. His first tryst with success happened in the form of RiSE, an institute he founded in J&K, which at present, is clocking 6 digits revenue in just 4 years since its inception. Over the years he has led multiple teams of expert faculties for topmost competitive examinations like JEE/NEET/Bank PO/ SATs/CSAT and many more. He has interacted with over 25,000 students and parents from all over India and has successfully guided more than a thousand students to some of the most premium institutes like IITs/NITs, Princeton, UPenn., Purdue, NYU and more. He has a deep cognitive understanding of students’, teachers’ and parents’ psyche, challenges and pain points across geographies and demographics and he has used all of his valuable learnings in creating Filo.

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16 - 17 Mar, 2023 | Dubai, UAE ★ August 2023 | Mumbai, India