Chanda Lokendra

: Founder

Chanda Lokendra Kundnaney is Founder of femtech startup LiZZOM. Mostly known as an impact entrepreneur in the startup community. A TEDx speaker and a strong believer in innovation in business. She brings a unique, uncensored approach to mentoring aspiring student entrepreneurs at schools, catching them young. A strong believer in clean and sustainable living.

She also helps women in communities set up and build their Amazon businesses. Besides inspiring students and helping women in the community, Chanda is on a mission to make periods a safer time of the month for women as well as for the environment.

Period by period, one at a time.
Her personal experience became a business opportunity and she founded LiZZOM an e-commerce website for lifestyle period care products.

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16 - 17 Mar, 2023 | Dubai, UAE ★ August 2023 | Mumbai, India