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Retail future outlook in a Covid 19 World!! -27th APRIL – 1ST MAY 2020 | Virtual


Retail sanitization
Aniruddha Banerjee, Executive Committee Member & Vice President – SCM, Head of Supply Chain, Planning & Logistics, Spencer’s Retail assured that on a retail perspective even though hygiene and sanitization is key to operations at present, the backend costs involved to put these measures into place will not get imposed on the consumer. The price is that the consumer’s pay is MRP and there is no way that the backend cost for internal measures will get added to the customer’s bill.

Supply chain measures
Ishu Bansal, Co-Founder, TruckSuvidha answered some queries related to maintaining the stringent protocols of hygiene within the entire supply chain, especially emphasizing on the sanitation and safety measures, they are adapting to keep the truck drivers, trucks, and riders safe. Toll plazas he mentioned are working as sanitization points and in the absence of a smartphone, most vehicles have been enabled with a tracker, which beeps to indicate the zones the driver is entering, thus keeping them within the safety net at all points.

Building the safety net
Vishesh Khurana, Co-Founder at Shiprocket highlighted the need to build a safety net wherein the entire supply chain can work as a relay, passing on information and support to one another. He also highlighted that companies like theirs can work to facilitate help centers wherever they have offices in. This city or statewide support system will further accelerate the supply chain and bring it closer to the safety racket. It is time to create layers of integration wherein each player along with the supply chain can walk towards safety.

Strategizing orders
Shashank Srivastav, Founder – sushh.com, ex-executive – Lalamove (B2B and Partnerships Lead, Lalamove India) hinted that online players or e-commerce retailers who are into essentials are ready and equipped with inventory or stock to serve the nation, but the inter-state, intra-state, inter-city cohesive movement of goods are still very fragmented. The implementation of policies and measures should be more cohesive and there should be more strengthening of the supply chain to make the process more full proof.