Sudhakar Reddy Chirra always wanted to combine his passion for technology with his entrepreneurial streak. The result of which was AbhiBus, that he founded in 2008, today the company has grown to become a market leader not only as a technology service provider to the bus industry, but also as the fastest growing online aggregator of bus tickets inventory across India. In an industry where technopreneurs are booming, what makes Sudhakar Reddy stand apart from the crowd is his adeptness at technology coupled with a sharp marketing acumen, and a strong will to build value proposition for all stakeholders right from investors, customers to employees in the company. Sudhakar likes to take the road less travelled, he is always looking for opportunities and has an appetite to take risks to make his dreams come true. He brings with him rich experience in the corporate services industry. Prior to founding, he was heading GE technology and money initiatives for 4 countries. Sudhakar has a deep passion to build new age companies that are driven by standard corporate initiatives and governance.

Sudhakar’s vision is to reinvent bus travel in India through and in the process make the online portal the preferred choice for booking bus tickets where everyone admires the company for its performance, people and partnerships.