Sahil Jain is one of the four co-founders of Dineout and also the driving force behind the product and technology solutions offering from the brand. Identifying the gap in the dining industry in India, he co-founded Dineout in early 2012, with his childhood friends – Ankit Mehrotra, Vivek Kapoor, Nikhil Bakshi and positioned it as the largest dining out platform in India. With a successful round of angel investment in the year of its inception, the company was acquired by Times Internet Group in the year 2014.

Sahil is an alumnus of B.M.E College of Engineering, with a strong foundation in Engineering. He further went to IIM Kozhikode to study MBA in finance, strategy, and marketing. He has enjoyed a fruitful career of over 13 years in information technology and data analytics space.

With a special focus on building innovative and scalable tech products, Sahil is spearheading the product development and growth retention strategies at Dineout. Sahil along with the other 3 co-founders, has successfully led, Dineout to India’s largest Dining out and Restaurant tech platform which seats more than 3.5 million diners every month and has 45,000 restaurants on its platform.

Through his vision and experience in designing products & strategies for various industries he has managed and engaged strong business relationships with all customers and partner restaurants to ensure high levels of service, response and overall success of the customer-driven business/ generated significant business value for his clients.

Before co-founding Dineout, Sahil served as a senior marketing analyst for NexTag and was settled in Chicago. He has also worked with globally recognized data analytics firm Mu Sigma as a senior business analyst and managed a team responsible for revenue management.