Mr. Rajneesh Mahajan currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer, Inorbit Malls India Pvt. Ltd. Rajneesh was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer on 1st April 2015 with the key responsibility for overlooking and spearheading the overall management, operations and performance of Inorbit Malls. He also plays an integral role in handling Corporate Affairs and business expansion of the mall. Apart from these responsibilities Mr. Mahajan drives the mall business and contributes towards upholding the repute and position of the mall amidst competitors. With an all-round experience in the retail industry he has largely contributed to fulfil the organizations objectives and priorities of the board making the experience of shopping memorable at Inorbit.

Rajneesh had previously held the realm of Inorbit Malls as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and his contribution towards the progress of the mall has always been extremely satisfying and praiseworthy. In the last six years of his commendable service at Inorbit mall, Rajneesh has guided and mentored his people and has been instrumental in the overall performance and growth of Inorbit malls in the dynamic Retail and real estate industry. He brings with him an all-round experience in the retail industry and has earlier worked with Cushman and Wakefield, Barista Coffee and Turner Morrison Land Ltd.

Mr. Rajneesh Mahajan holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Punjab University and also a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing & Finance from the ICFAI Business School. His distinguished personality and optimistic approach has provoked young minds to think differently. Rajneesh has won various awards in his career including the most recent “IMAGES Most Admired Shopping Centre Professional of the Year – West” and is also a speaker at some of the prestigious national and international retail forums.