Niki is the CEO and cofounder of Fountain9 which is an AI powered algorithmic retail planning solution that helps ecommerce, DTC and retail companies minimize loss of sales from stockouts and reduce inventory pileups with accurate SKU level forecasting and end to end alignment of supplier constraints to create automated stockout alerts and inventory purchase plans.

Prior to starting Fountain9, Niki worked in the US for 8 years and more recently at Google in San Francisco as the Head of Strategy and Analytics for Google Fiber. Before that she was with American Express in New York as the Director for Risk and Information Management. Her career has been focussed in the field of data science and its applications for solving various business problems ranging from forecasting demand, understanding customer segments to ROI optimizations and pricing strategies.

In terms of her education, she did masters from Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh and engineering from KJ Somaiya College of Engineering in Mumbai.