Independent Advisor in the consumer, retail and hospitality space. Working closely with the leadership team of start-ups, small and medium enterprises to help scale up operations with a clear focus on unit economics and path to profit. Advising enterprises to create a structured approach to business excellence, focused around customer experience and strategy. Providing guidance on systems, processes, metrics and culture required to achieve sustainable growth and success.

Career with the Tata Group spanning nearly thirty-four years in the consumer, brand, hospitality and retail space. Over twenty years of experience in heading profit centers and businesses. Demonstrated skills in developing customer-centric strategies driven by a high level of focus around brand and the customer experience. Developed strong business models in businesses with a wide reach and network of outlets across geographies. Strong focus on growth and expansion. .Senior mentor for the Tata Business Excellence program. Expertise in customer-focused strategies, strategic brand management, partner relationships and building organization alignment.