Deepanshu Manchanda is the 33-year young co-founder and CEO of ZappFresh.

Deepanshu is a proactive, hands-on leader with expertise in developing and launching strategic initiatives that address market opportunities and business priorities. He specialises in Business Development, Strategic Alliances, Marketing, Business planning, and Relationship development.

Deepanshu has a hands-on experience of consumer connect and is an expert in understanding the ever-changing customer behaviour & pattern. A modest yet a hard-working goal-oriented youth, Deepanshu possesses great market insights, passion and strong self-belief.

Interned at the sales department of Frito-Lay during his MBA days, his job was to sell Diwali corporate packs of corn puffs and Kurkure to around 12 corporate houses every day. He then went on to sell credit cards at American Express and later became the strategic lead at MobiKwik.

However, the charm of the FMCG market kept attracting Deepanshu, and he took the entrepreneurial plunge in 2013 by starting his first food venture – Choc’o’leaf, a Delhi-based online bakery. But, he soon realised that the bakery market was too large and “not disruptive enough”.

After spending eight months on research and development, Deepanshu, along with 27-year-old Shruti Gocchwal, an ex-colleague from MobiKwik, founded Zappfresh in early 2015.

Currently, ZappFresh has a team of 200+ people across the technology, R&D, operations & marketing divisions and growing.