Anshuman Rai

Sr Sales Director | UiPath India


Sales leader, with a very rich techno-commercial experience in the field of IT infrastructure, Enterprise Software and System Integration with a high exposure in the BFSI Domain.

In my 20 + years in IT, I have been in Sales, customer support, Project management, large IT solution designing etc.. My current role exposes me to software robotics, Artificial intelligence and Machine learning based solutions.

Currently, as a sales leader, I am leading a sales team at UiPath, focussed on selling software robotic solutions into the India domestic market. I am responsible for revenue generation from organizations which are Head quartered in India, Bangladesh and Srilanka.

Previously held two important sales leadership positions at EMC India including running their financial services sales across India.

I believe in constant learning and adapting to new work loads and challenging environments.

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2-3 November, 2022 | Bengaluru