Ajay Aggarwal qualified as an engineer and turned to entrepreneurship after twenty years of corporate life, rising to senior positions in fledgling IT companies of the time. His creative vision manifested in various ventures, including India’s first Point of Sale (POS), SmartShop by Seacom, in 1996, and India’s first online marketplace, KLISMA, in 2009.

Approaching sixty, Ajay retained the youthful energy of entrepreneurship and began working with startups in retail technology and ecommerce, sharing concepts and strategies, and aiding their growth in different roles, including as an investor. Some of these are online food portals, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and POS technology platforms. He enjoys learning new things and innovating in this space.

Over the years, much of Ajay’s creative energy and passion for quality living manifested in social causes (such as attempts to bring a sense of the benefits of order to Pune’s road traffic – a continuing crusade!)

His family and friends always enjoyed his gourmet cooking and his abundant garden, and this has grown into a passion to influence others to grow their own fruit and vegetables, as he does in his rooftop farm.