Tamanna Padhi

: Principal - Consumer Industries and Retail Practice

“It’s not about specific technologies anymore. It’s about how entire ecosystems evolve and converge together to serve common consumer objectives.”

For Tamanna Padhi, digital transformation for consumer and retail companies isn’t just a one-time event, it’s a continuous process—and she’s constantly seeking out new ways to transform businesses across food and beverage, beauty, e-commerce, and other sectors.

“Transformation really goes beyond technology because it needs to be a fundamentally different way you are thinking about your business,” she says. “It’s not about just a few tools. It’s about the whole culture of leadership in thinking digital-first.”  

And she loves nothing more than equipping teams with the process and tools they need to head off on their own digital journey. She’s particularly proud of one food and beverage company her team recently supported. “Digital is now part of their DNA,” she says, “which fundamentally changes the direction of their growth, as well as the culture from within.”  

Tamanna has worked in six different Kearney offices around the world, and she says they all have three factors in common: their problem-solving methods, dedication to their clients, and a friendly atmosphere. “A common theme that has been seen across all Kearney teams and Kearney partners is they really put themselves in the shoes of the client and try to answer what is best for them, not just the best intellectual answer,” she says. 

“They really want to answer the question in essential rightness,” she says. “And not just find an answer, but also get to the bottom of how that answer is going to manifest itself. That really makes your work impactful.”  

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