Raghunandan Sarraf

Founder & CEO, INSARAF (Saraf Furniture)

Raghunandan Saraf, hails from a small town named Sardarshahar, in Rajasthan.He is an MBA professional from Shree Ram College of Commerce, Delhi. After completing his studies in 2009, he joined his family business- Saraf Furniture.

By nature, he is a technology enthusiast and explorer of new opportunities. He believed in turning the tables in whatsoever he does. His passion to capture new market trends on e-commerce turned him into an entrepreneur of the e-commerce business. In 2014, he started Insaraf.com with a vision to make every home beautiful place to dwell. It was inaugurated with limited designs and a small team. Raghu realized that people like their homes to be unique with individual furniture choices. This concept extended the possibilities of creating customized handcrafted Sheesham wood furniture on a big scale.

His passion and dedication revived the family business and gave it a new foundation in six years. He believed in giving a brand new identity to this legacy of wooden furniture business with ethics. He framed new concepts like termite resistance warranty for a lifetime, PAN India delivery, best prices, and quality in each product making it a global brand in three years.

He is on a mission to help everyone excited; to create, renovate, and adore the beauty of Sheesham wood. Other than devoting his time making business strategies, he relishes spending quality time with his family encourages reading and being fit and holds the views, that his team is also an essential part of this family.

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23 August 2023 ★ Conrad, Bengaluru