Nilay Mehrotra

Founder & CEO, Kindly

Nilay Mehrotra is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Kindly. Passionate about healthcare Nilay is on a mission to make sexual healthcare, including sperm health and menstrual health, more accessible to all and help people suffering from lifestyle disorders find discrete and convenient solutions at home by building Kindly. Nilay is ardent about empowering people to explore their sexual wellness safely and confidently, as well as expanding the market for sexual health.

Before his venture into the health sector, Nilay founded CharIoT Tech, an Industrial AI and IoT company disrupting the manufacturing industry. Nilay also served as the Head of Product Development at and was the Founding Director at SenRa. In 2020 he founded operating in the reproductive health space, which was the parent brand of Kindly. Janani has been awarded Excellence in Digital Innovation (National) at The ETHealthworld National Fertility Awards.

His tenacity and determination have been instrumental in several significant accomplishments, including graduating from the Y Combinator batch in 2022. Other than his work, Nilay enjoys sports and spending time learning about new technology and cars. A humanitarian at heart, Nilay is also involved with CSR activities in the healthcare space.

Nilay was awarded the ’50 innovative leaders Manufacturing’ award for his work in digitizing manufacturing companies and was bestowed as CEO with the highest quality orientation in the IT sector, issued by World Innovation Congress.

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