Neha Suyal

Co- founder & COO, Woovly

Neha Suyal has changed the way Bharat discovers fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products.

An engineer turned entrepreneur, Neha Suyal is a name to reckon with in the business of social commerce, video commerce and influencer-led commerce in India. With their content driven fashion and lifestyle business, cofounders Neha and Venkat J are wooing Bharat with their venture, Woovly.

Woovly is India’s leading social commerce platform for fashion, beauty, personal care and lifestyle products that helps users to shop via AI-driven brand-tagged user generated content.

Expertise: Woovly is Neha’s first entrepreneurial venture. She has extensive experience in building open-source technologies and improving business operations and business metrics.

She is passionate about identifying business problems and loves building solutions to solve them.

Grassroot Entrepreneur: Neha has travelled extensively to small towns and cities of India and recognises the latent need for lifestyle products among the youth living in Bharat. With Woovly, she believes she can give them a platform and opportunity to fulfil their ambitions.

The making of this entrepreneur: Neha hails from Kichha, a Tier III town in Uttarakhand and is a true embodiment of “Small town, Big aspirations”.

Neha never had to look too far for her idol. 35 years ago, her mother founded the only school in this remote town and continues to run it even today. Neha draws inspiration from her mother’s undying spirit to take on challenges and overcome all odds to fulfil her dreams. Neha is a qualified Computer Science Engineer from a Regional Engineering College in Uttarakhand and built her career and expertise at HP working on open-source technologies.

She left her well-paying job in 2015 to join the Stanford Ignite program on Entrepreneurship and Leadership where she met J. Venkat, her Woovly co-founder. After completing the program, she went on to work with Quess Corp., Venkat’s earlier venture, to understand the business and to improve its business metrics. After working on various Telecom and managed services projects for two years at Quess, she decided to take the plunge as an entrepreneur in 2017 and finally founded Woovly with Venkat in 2019. In 2020, during the pandemic, Woovly pivoted to social commerce for lifestyle products.

Contribution to society: Neha believes in the big aspirations of small towns. During her trips to various Tier II and Tier III towns while working with Quess, she discovered that the youth living there were hard working and ambitious and wanted to consume lifestyle products too. This made her realize the consumption behaviour of this segment which ultimately laid the foundation of Woovly.

As a woman entrepreneur, she believes in helping and mentoring young women like herself in building and running their own business. Neha is also an inspiration for the girls of her hometown and motivates them to dream big, beat all odds and attain success in all their endeavours.

Awards and Recognition: Neha is an alumnus of Stanford University Graduate School of Business, where she was the only other student to receive a full scholarship. She received the GECL Award 2018 under the category of Woman Start up Entrepreneur of the Year. In January 2022, she received the award for Excellence in Startup Space by Adgully.

Person: Neha is a passionate and driven individual. Her strength lies in her ability to build and scale business operations, optimizing business metrics and taking on new challenges every day. When she is not solving new business problems, she loves to read. Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely is her go-to book for understanding consumer buying behaviour. She loves scuba diving, driving, and going on long road trips.

Mantra in Life: Neha aims to grow Woovly as a business which empowers millions of content creators in remote towns and cities of Bharat steadily and organically. Her philosophy is to reach out to common people and touch their lives by being part of the stories from their lives. In this process she wants to be an enabler so that she can help such people achieve their ambitions and aspirations for a better life, in sync with their counterparts in big cities and metropolitan areas.

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23 August 2023 ★ Conrad, Bengaluru