Neerja Lakhani

Founder, Innersense

Neerja Lakhani is the co-founder of Inner Sense, a label specializing in organic, anti- microbial innerwear for women.

A design entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in the fashion industry; She is known for her contemporary aesthetics and business strategy.

Neerja is on a mission to improve the lives of Indian women by getting them into bras that are healthy, comfortable, and make them feel their best. She is deeply convinced that a successful business is built on solving a specific problem. While pursuing her passion for creating exceptional brands, she observed that the market is full of products that are trying to follow fashion trends. However, the product still lacks key ingredients, such as hygiene in innerwear! Upon further investigation, she found that the root of these trendy clothes often come from sweat-shops and the exploitation of farmers. She’s a strong believer that organic materials should be the norm when it comes to apparel, and she’s driven change to make that happen. As a result, India now has its first healthy intimate apparel brand: Inner Sense.

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23 August 2023 ★ Conrad, Bengaluru