Monuranjan Borgohain

Founder and CEO, e2eHiring Pvt. Ltd. (India)

Monuranjan Borgohain is an award-winning business leader, a serial entrepreneur and a hardcore techno-functional leader with over 15 years of experience working across the globe including India, United States of America, Japan and Germany. His vast experience in international businesses growth and transformation has made his startups successful.

Coming from a humble background from Assam, Monuranjan made DIATOZ grow from a one person run company in 2018 to over 200 employees across India, Singapore and the US. Monuranjan was selected among 100 Inspirational Leaders of Asia 2022 under the White Page International. He was recognised as one of the top Business Innovative Leaders by the Times Group, India Today and many more media houses.

He’s worked in MNCs namely, Society General, Huawei, Publicis Sapient, Coach, GalaxE. Solutions, Siemens. DIATOZ was recognized as “Startup of the year 2020” by CIO Insider India. Innovative Zone India, Prime Insights and The Inner Review recognised his achievement.

He’s received several awards like “Startup of the year 2020” by CIO Insider India, Indian Achievers’ Award for Promising Company 2020, The company in focus 2021 by Innovative Zone India, The 30 Most Trusted Brands to Watch 2021 by Prime Insights, The Best Company to Follow in 2021 by The Inner Review. His experience in AI Technology has contributed significantly to making the recruitment process more user-friendly.

Monuranjan’s innovative thought process has made e2eHiring one of the pioneers in online recruitment today. Headquartered in Bangalore, it is known for its AI powered recruitment and assessment platform. The same is patented under the Government of India. Over 5 lakh freshers and skilled professionals are registered on the platform. Monuranjan believes in investing and developing grassroots and encouraging budding talent across the world. He feels motivated around his team of young and skilled members.

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23 August 2023 ★ Conrad, Bengaluru