Mohammad Alabbar

: Founder / CEO

Mohammed Alabbar is a visionary entrepreneur, the founder and CEO of AKAAR, a revolutionary provider of private homes, offering different homes with complete experiences that elevate and optimize the lifestyle of private residential land owner. In addition Alabbar is the host of SERDAAL, a social media channel that talks about entrepreneurship and leadership. With over a decade of experience in real estate development, facilities management, and construction, Alabbar is a thought leader in his industry. He started his entrepreneurial journey at 9 years old and has a passion for identifying and correcting issues in the world through his business ventures.

Alabbar has a track record in the industry by building over 30 private homes, 40 retail outfits, and 100 interior designs for both commercial and residential properties in Dubai alone. And managing over a thousand facilities around the globe. His expertise and experience inform his work with AKAAR, which offers branded homes for private residential land owners and aims to revolutionize the homebuilding experience by providing a seamless and hospitable solution.

In addition to his work with AKAAR, Alabbar is the host of SERDAAL, where he shares his knowledge and insights on entrepreneurship and leadership. He is frequently sought after as a speaker on these and other related topics. Alabbar uses his platform and business ventures to raise awareness and drive positive change, making a lasting impact on people’s lives. With his deep understanding of the real estate development industry and unrelenting drive, Alabbar continues to lead AKAAR towards continued success.

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