Mehul Manjeshwar

CMO, Bare Necessities

Currently Chief Marketing and Sustainability Communications Officer at a social enterprise in Bangalore, Karnataka, Bare Necessities Zero Waste Solutions. This opportunity has allowed me to work at the grassroot level in a country that is growing immensely fast, further my marketing communications skills to help us all transition to a sustainable lifestyle, while also conducting workshops and talks to educate a wider a population. I have had the chance to contribute to various educational platforms to create content that can be used on apps and programs to continue educating the need for us to transition to a green lifestyle.

Throughout my career, a few themes have highlighted themselves:

Opportunity to travel for 6 months and see for myself how our environment is being treated by majority really opened my eyes and led me to shift my career into Sustainability. My Masters in Business Administration specializing in Sustainability has really helped me learn the differences between a green practices and a practices that are detrimental to our environment – and what I can do to change business, individual and household behaviours to positively change and preserve our environment for future generations.

My past work experience in a startup company has really enabled me to adapt to constant changing environment while understanding the various aspects to a successful business, from product development, to Marketing to Sales and Consulting

Truly excited to engage with organizations aiming for green futures and placing an emphasis on Environmental Sustainability. These challenges are not roadblocks, rather they are catalysts to be creative and change the way our world operates!

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