Aparna Thyagarajan

Co founder, Shobitam

Aparna Thyagarajan is the Co founder of Shobitam, a leading D2C ethnic fashion brand with a vision to democratize ethnic fashion globally. Shobitam is all about embracing your ethnicity and wearing it with pride, where the company’s mission is to help people ‘look good, do good and feel good’ with their everyday actions!

Prior to founding Shobitam, Aparna was a technology executive at Microsoft in Seattle where she developed a good understanding of E-commerce, Search, Global Brand Building, and Social Media while working in their MSN, Bing and Dynamics divisions. Ideating, Creating and Building Shobitam as a women entrepreneur has been a wonderful learning experience in itself, for it has taught her the importance of innovation with operational excellence leveraging technology while staying grounded to one’s roots and giving back to the community.

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23 August 2023 ★ Conrad, Bengaluru