Aman Tekriwal

Co-founder, Supertails

Aman Tekriwal is the co-founder of, a full-stack tech-enabled pet-care startup. He brings to life the D2C Paw-erhouse with a full understanding of the pet business in India, helping solve the problems of pet parents in India. He has been instrumental in introducing to people through his “Midas Touch,” connecting pet owners together and aiding them in their pet parenting journey.

Aman is a chartered accountant and worked in the field for over 14 years with companies like Cognizant and Billion Smiles. He has

worked in various organisations in industries such as cement, steel, sugar, power, KPO, and food & beverage, giving him a broad understanding of business operations. Later, his interest in statistics led him to Licious, where he started as the Vice President before rising to the position of CFO within his first four years at the company. Helping diff erent brands to scale at diff erent intervals, Aman always wanted to create something of his own and started focusing on his entrepreneurial journey.

In 2017, he began working on contributing to the pet care sector with his colleagues, now co-founders Varun and Vineet. Being a pet parent himself, Aman and his co-founders saw an opportunity to create an ecosystem for pet parents in India and started in 2021. At Supertai, Aman takes care of the service, finance, and HR parts of the business and is working towards building a platform that connects pet products, services, and communities.

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