Winning the heart, mind & wallet share of customers through cognitive approach

Consumers have an entirely new set of behaviours and expectations when it comes to shopping for a product or service. With on-demand services like Netflix & Amazon Prime offering next-day delivery and 24/7 gratification, shoppers have a much higher bar than their coupon-collecting and bargain-hunting predecessor.

For your internet business to succeed, you have to rethink the way all of your technology stacks work together. The next paradigm shift will see emergence of newer business models with offline and online shopping converge into a single, seamless channel. Internet Businesses of all sizes need to be one step ahead of their customers' needs and their competitors' next innovation, requiring
agility, adaptability and a digital transformation mindset.

The track will focus on strategies which businesses can look at to increase the mindshare and market share of the customers.

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Conference Focus

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Leveraging the power of AI to optimise operations and delight customers with exceptional shopping experience

Internet Security

How do you develop a robust Cybersecurity road map & strategies which will help drive better customer experience?

Cloud & Data Warehousing

The future of data infrastructure in the Internet Business - What is driving the data infrastructure transformation to new technologies, platforms and cost models?


Achieving Advanced Insights and AI for Analytics - How does data science and machine learning fit within organization's analytics and AI strategies


From war of Cards to war of Wallets and now cryptocurrency - Enabling a new digital economy in India to augment the speed of internet business

Omnichannel & CX for Retail

Building trust and engagement with customers through a differentiated Omnichannel strategy

Store Technologies

In-depth view on emerging technologies which will drive customer engagement and experience within store