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The five TECH ‘superpowers’ changing our world

‘Superpowers’ in the digital era takes a new meaning - five extraordinary technological capabilities that are transformative and unlocking game-changing opportunities. A lot of the things that we see now in 2021 could not be imagined even 3 years back. Let us see what can be possible in 2025 in the arena of Tech and Internet-enabled commerce.

We discover the possibilities that are taking place in the world of tech through the eyes and minds of visionary leaders who are at the forefront of imagining and developing astonishing advancements in technology.

  1. Mobile: unprecedented reach
  2. Cloud: previously unimaginable scale
  3. AI: intelligence everywhere
  4. IoT: Connecting the digital and physical worlds
  5. Cybersecurity

TECH PRESENTATION: As Disruptive As It Gets

When you have an idea … and you want to build History

“Man’s Audacity Turns Dream into Reality” – this is the snapshot from newspapers that reappeared recently when the world celebrated 50 years of the moon landing and the backstories credited this line to JFK who dreamt his moonshot.

Our daily problems are a little smaller than landing man on the moon.

But there are a lot – as a billion Indians face these problems. And that’s the moonshot these Founders aimed for. It is the stuff of legends how these entrepreneurs dreamt their vision and changed how India went about crossing its daily hurdles, aiming the power of Internet to make solutions for these - easier, enjoyable and more accessible – better access to a satisfying job, finding a companion for life, getting a fresh hot meal or grocery item delivered. And turning them into India’s most admired and valuable companies of the new age.

This inspiring fireside chat will challenge entrepreneurs’ thinking to learn from the past, maintain defiance in the face of adversity, keep the grounded-ness and humility intact despite unimaginable success, draw inspiration from the Founders’ vision they had on day 1 and carried it through a decade long odyssey, renew our commitment to building better and better businesses that challenge the limits of entrepreneurship and scaling up, and finding newer purposes once you have achieved what you set out to do.

  • Sanjeev Bikhchandani
  • Co-Founder, Info Edge (naukri.com, jeevansathi.com, 99acres.com, shiksha.com, naukrigulf.com)
  • Co-founder, Ashoka University
  • Padma Shri Awardee

In 2002, TIME named him one of the “People to Watch in International Business.”

Sabeer Bhatia, the Inventor of Email and Co-Founder of Hotmail. Silicon Valley Entrepreneur.

Sabeer Bhatia is the legendary Entrepreneur and technological Genius that everybody in the tech world and outside it, feels proud of. One of the top ten names you would think of when you hear web, computers, email. The ‘Inventor’ of Email and the legendary genius acclaimed for his business acumen in leading his idea to the greatest business deal of the last century, with no less than the biggest corporation in the world.

  • Their journey from a manufacturer-only mindset to leading innovation in retailing and e-commerce
  • What Internet technologies have they found most useful – in manufacturing, production processes, the product itself and in retailing
  • How did they capture the first mover advantage while making the transformation
  • How were the Digital & Technology decisions taken which called for major investments
  • How did they make the transition - did they go ‘all-in’ or take small steps to experiment
  • What does it take to convince the ‘old guard’ and the management who believes in the ‘golden ways’ of doing things
  • How can other legacy businesses catch up that are still uncertain to make the transition, following the success of these ‘first movers’

Marketing Strategies in the Digital Age – Building Brand and Relevance

Top marketers open up about their approach to digital marketing, integrating commerce with digital, building digital presence using hundreds of new technologies, tools, interfaces and mediums out there, and ensuring user fatigue does not set in.

  • changes in strategies in last 2 years to cope with the ‘new normal’
  • technologies that helped them most – in reach, visibility, consumer satisfaction, organic growth, category development, cost-cutting, revenue growth, profitability growth
  • strategies to create a commerce channel for the brand – marketplace, own e-delivery channel, online ordering
  • when to do it yourself and when to rely on a third party (e.g. Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Zomato, Bookmyshow)
  • with the digital ecosystem maturing, how best to seamlessly integrate payments, entertainment, e-commerce, delivery, user experience, after-sales, positive customer reviews
  • ensuring a unified brand ethos and authentic message across hundreds of channels – what you can control and what you can’t control - social media, digital advertising, influencers, viral videos, memes, Google SEO searches, Instagram pics, Twitter feeds, LinkedIn posts, Facebook stories
  • ways to manage a crisis – for example when the star footballer brushed aside bottles of a soft drink during the Press Conference and brand’s value dropped by 4 billion USD

D2C has helped businesses survive and thrive in the pandemic, and the growth was remarkable as well. It is a game changer for almost all segments - healthcare, fashion, beauty, and more. 800+ brands have joined the D2C club - not only new brands and startups but traditional players are also establishing a strong presence in the D2C market. This makes sense as the country’s online shoppers base is likely to jump to 300 million in the next five years with 90% of the consumers from tier II cities and beyond. Last year, during the festival period alone, e-commerce giants, Amazon, Flipkart and various vertical players clocked nearly $9 billion sales, despite the pandemic onslaught. We look at how to scale up your journey to become a D2C player.

FINDING (and FUNDING!) THE NEXT 100 UNICORNS - E-Commerce Investment Landscape

India achieved the 100 unicorns mark  (that is out of 700 unicorns in the world) with a combined market value of $240 billion, in sectors from e-commerce and fintech to education, logistics and food-delivery. 18 unicorns this far in 2021. Zomato’s stunning IPO and Cars24 mega launch in the UAE with a dazzling launch display at Burj Khalifa in Dubai, were the obvious headturners.

  • What will it take to create the next 100 unicorns - for PE and VC investors to create wealth, for a growing tribe of e-Entrepreneurs to build on innovative ventures, and for the entire ecosystem to thrive
  • Hyper-growth and scaling – x to 10x growth. After achieving the Unicorn badge --> Growing into a Decacorn
  • What should be the next mission after becoming a Unicorn – purpose, values, vision, founder’s dream
  • Built to last - how to catalyze into becoming sustainably profitable businesses
  • With some sectors getting over-concentrated, which sectors are ripe for growth for the next set of unicorns
  • Keeping the innovation engine running constantly – Jeff Bezos still talks about the ‘fire’ and ‘passion’ of the ‘first day’
  • The next wave of IPOs – Building a successful Roadmap to an IPO. Zomato’s and PayTm’s successful showing opened the door – how can others build a successful route to market
  • With public money getting involved (through IPOs) – how to keep on top of greater public scrutiny + intervention by public authorities and regulatory bodies
  • Open innovation programs, corporate accelerators, venture capital arms, crowdfunding platforms, family offices, innovation contests, cohort programs of B-schools – other avenues to help create startups
  • How to ‘Invest’ In Your Investor – creating The Startup — VC Dialogue - trust, transparency, authenticity and respect

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16 - 17 Mar, 2023 | Dubai, UAE ★ August 2023 | Mumbai, India