eCommerce Delivery Conclave



Realigning deliveries to match customer expectation

To succeed, Internet businesses are looking to scale their digital capabilities to build customer loyalty, improve their agility to ultimately reduce costs, adapt to emerging markets and build strategic relationships.

With new digital technologies and strategies taking centre stage now is the time for organizations to adopt, adapt and transform to stay competitive. Adequate funding and investments in food delivery market have enabled companies to provide online food delivery services that have never been seen before.

With the explosion of new consumer choices in both online and offline shopping, many retail and consumer products companies are evolving their supply chain strategies to deliver against the
demands that omni-channel (any time, any place) requires of the consumer value chain. As companies engage new systems, executing the right strategic choices is critical.

The e-Commerce Delivery Conclave focusses on building strategies which will help build supply chain efficiencies to match consumer expectations. Make sure you join and meet stakeholders of Internet Delivery community to maximise your opportunities for success.

Who Attends

CEOs and Chiefs, Vice Presidents, General Managers, Directors, Heads, Senior Managers and Managers of:

Supply Chain



Last Mile


3PL Companies

Supply Chain Technology


RFID / Barcode

Warehouse Parks

Customer Experience

ICS 2019 Sessions

Session Focus

Cracking Food deliveries
Exploring how the rise in Income and Internet Facilities drive Online Food Delivery Market in India. Understanding how businesses are built around deliveries.
Innovating the Warehouse
What goes inside the making of a flexible and future-ready sortation center for brick & mortar retailers, e-commerce giants & 3PLs players. What are the current shortfalls and its financial implications?
Omni-channel supply chain
Maximising supply chain efficiency for an Omni-demand customer. Adopting a segmented supply chain and inventory model helps to strike the balance between agility and efficiency.
Collaborate to win
Building a collaborative strategy of various stakeholders like brands, 3PL and logistics companies to maximise operational efficiencies.
ROI driven ecommerce delivery
Analysing business requirements to evaluate delivery innovation which can drive ROI and bring better customer experience.
eCommerce Ready Packaging
Evolving packaging trends for Internet brands as the new retail reality extends from store shelves to an online setting.
Path to Same day delivery
Understanding the nuts and bolts of building a same day delivery module. Opportunities and challenges which can make or break your brand reputation.

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    16 - 17 Mar, 2023 | Dubai, UAE ★ August 2023 | Mumbai, India