Skyrocket Customer Interaction & Engagement with fresh digital & personalised customer journey Innovations - Exceptional, Insight-Led CX strategies which will drive Commercial Success & lasting results.

This hands-on workshop will provide valuable insights into various CX strategies, help you understand personas, and delve into the customer journey.

You will have the opportunity to analyze real-life case studies, participate in a mock customer research session, and engage in rich discussions with your peers. Our goal is to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to create a customer-focused team that drives business success.

Workshop Module

  • Why CX?
  • Re-imagining CX Strategy
  • Understand Levers for an effective CX Strategy
  • Various Models for CX Transformation Program
  • How to go about designing your customer journey
  • CX Tools for Measurement and detailing the ROI
  • CX Assessment Checklist
  • How to be a successful CX leader