Winning the New-age Customers through effective marketing

The sudden surge in new channels and varied operating models has dramatically changed the business environment in which marketers operate today. With the increase of newer modes & channels of marketing there is a need to create a new unifying framework which will help in aligning strategies as per business requirements.

Alongside this need for a framework, there are new requirements for marketing competencies and capabilities around domains of expertise like data and analytics, customer experience, content, multichannel, customer service and personalisation, which are neither properly understood nor being met.

Due to these changes and the rise of digital, the marketing function is going through an existential crisis: The Customer Insights Conclave aims to focus on building long term vision of unifying marketing strategies which combines digital and classic marketing into one future-ready framework.

For detailed Agenda

Conference Focus

Digital Content

How do Internet businesses adapt to evolving landscape of digital content in India?

Voice Technology

The Future of Voice-Powered Web: How do we integrate voice assistants like Alexa, Bixby, Cortana, Google Assistant and Siri to make Internet business more interactive


Building a customer first marketing approach - Analysing Customer preferences, channels and data to enable a targeted & personalised marketing

Marketing Automation

Leveraging automation tools to engage with you customer at every step of their journey, and deliver targeted campaigns based on their preferences

Social Platforms

Social Currency in retail - How is “customer equity” (or social currency) calculated, communicated, and leveraged by Internet brands?

Customer Service

Decoding the future of Customer Service in the Era of Social Messaging & Artificial Intelligence – Harnessing the power of bots & AI in an Omnichannel environment

AI powered CX

Engage proactively across the customer journey to deliver operational efficiency and a superior customer experience


Is your Loyalty program effective? Building strategies and metrics to analyse performance of Loyalty program and how do you integrate across various customer touchpoints

In-store Engagement

RFID, Beacons, Blufi, Interactive touchscreens – Building experiences to drive stronger customer engagement and experience.