The Creator Economy and the Content Renaissance – How Viewers/Readers are Consuming Content and How Media Companies Can Get a Slice of the Action

today19 December, 2022


Everyone is talking about the creator economy these days and how tech accessibility is driving this entertainment renaissance. USA alone streamed nearly 15 millions years’ worth of content in 2021. In Western Europe, it’s expected that 45% of the population will be OTT users by 2024, while in APAC, OTT revenue is expected to grow by 90% to $54bn by 2026.

As technology and the scope of accessibility to the internet continue to expand, so do platforms that stream content and the number of people who actively watch and engage on these channels.


Consumers and their demand for content are stronger than ever, but how can streaming companies, media companies, networks and  studios keep up to garner more subscribers, find funding, monetize content, and reach bigger audiences and readers?


  • How the explosion of content and consumption is shaping the future of screen-watching and viewership
  • Key OTT trends to look out for
  • What digital strategies are print media, newspapers and news broadcasters are adopting for multi-channel and omni-present content distribution
  • The Future of Content: for example, growing popularity and massive demand for K-Pop and Korean programs
  • The Rise of Niche Platforms and Owned Channels for Smaller Publishers – food vloggers, religious channels, yoga studios, gyms and sports clubs all launching their own services
  • Subscription Fatigue – more varied and innovative models of generating revenue
  • Battle for Market Share among Giants – How can the top 5 maintain their leadership while the remaining 95 others also make money and stay in the game
  • Advancement in Smart TVs – audiences are moving away from 13-inch laptop screen to experience watching in high-fidelity on 72 inch television
  • Telecom Operators Offering Bundled Packages – If you’re a telco, how do you react and stay relevant in the age of streaming media? Bundling in OTT subscriptions, like Netflix, HBO or Disney+, as well as music streaming services like Spotify has proven a shrewd move
  • Rise of On-demand Content

How Metaverse will change the paradigm of content creation

Written by: ICS

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