How Can Internet Produce a More Talented and Versatile Multi-Skills Equipped Generation

today19 December, 2022


Whether it is gaining life skills, succeeding on the job, or excelling at your passion, we have to look beyond classroom teaching and the education gained in formal college years.


  • What key competencies are needed in the digital age?
  • How can K-12 schools, Universities, e-learning providers, Multimedia course developers and organizational workplaces integrate better and more facilitative learning environments and use the power of internet to reach a more holistic education?


Internet improving lives through Learning:

#Learning beyond the classroom

#Embedded rich format learning through newer methodologies and immersive multimedia – blended learning, gamification, bespoke content, mobile learning, virtual classrooms

#Making learning affordable and accessible to those with limited means

#Courses for continuous learning for senior executives

#Embedding the DNA for continuous learning and seeking to gain knowledge on an on-going basis

#The right way to monetize content

Written by: ICS

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