Internet from the Eyes of a Futurist

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Keynote Address: How Internet Will Shape our Lives and Businesses in the next 50 Years


A future gazing session .. just as Star Wars showed technologies ahead of its time, we have a renowned Keynote Speaker and Futurist share his/her ideas on the internet as it will exist in the next 50 years. How will it shape our lives, experiences, and how will the revolutionary businesses of tomorrow – the Ubers, Amazons, Netflixs, Twitters, AirBnbs – look like.


Two predictions:

In 15 years, people won’t refer to “the internet.” They’ll just know technology through the connected devices that work behind the scenes to make their lives easier. Their laptop, phone, glasses, homes, cars — they’ll all be connected in ways that simply integrate with their lives.


Right now, you are actively “going to” engage with the internet, but in the future, the internet will simply exist as part of everyday interactions. Just like the air you breathe, it will be a critical component of your life, but you won’t necessarily recognize its presence. Also, while traditional devices like tablets will still exist, they will only make up a fraction of your internet usage.

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