Internet bridging
The Physical & Digital

Mobile commerce has become a worldwide phenomenon, with customers now shopping at home, in stores and on the go, no matter where they are in the world. Offering outstanding personalized customer experiences has also become essential. The lines between the online and offline channels are now especially blurred, and customers demand options like Buy Online, Pickup In Store (BOPIS). What's more, today's shoppers are all about “retailtainment” where shopping is a leisure activity they truly enjoy.

Meet Thousands of Online Companies (Products & Services) Scouting for Solutions

The Internet Commerce Summit (ICS) has been conceptualised keeping in mind that the showcase fills the void of being the “UNIFIED VOICE” for the Internet Commerce industry across business models. ICS focuses on the 3 critical Value Chains namely Technology | CX & Customer Service | Supply Chain & Order fulfillment.

Conference Theme

New Commerce in the era of Consumer Capitalism

ICS is a unique connected “Retail & Internet Commerce” industry showcase which has a convergence of brick & mortar Retail, e-commerce as well as the Omni-channel aspirants that define the vast ecosphere of “Customer Commerce” in the world's fastest growing market.

The Knowledge TRIAD
3 parallel Conclaves on the most pertinent Value Chains in retail







Genesis behind
Internet Commerce Summit (ICS)

The PHYGITS platform has come a long way since our inception in April 2018 where we kicked off with the vision to advocate technology thought leadership to accelerate adoption of new age technologies in the retail industry. We successfully launched– the video case study portal which has since seen the compilation & upload of over 45 best use cases of technology adoption in India across solution domains and retail categories.

In continuation to our vision to deliver new knowledge share & learning experiences with unique content delivery for the retail industry while delivering ROI to our stakeholders, we are proud to announce a flagship one day retail & internet commerce innovation event – THE INTERNET COMMERCE SUMMIT (ICS) at The Leela Ambience Gurugram scheduled for 12 February 2020. The unique format of the summit is something that goes away from a traditional conference. Packed with real success stories and actionable strategies, this highly immersive one-day event focuses on successful digital approaches and brings together high-level thinkers and practitioners for a dynamic and informative conversation in a relaxed and open, knowledge sharing environment.

The purpose of ICS is to hear trusted insights on how B2C & B2B retail commerce leaders are overcoming issues by identifying and exposing their different approaches to the same market challenges and opportunities. Respected voices from leaders will share their insights and experiences of successfully operating in this diverse geography.

In this day and age, almost everything is available on the internet. People buy their grocery, book a taxi / flight or hotel, rent out their residences and even learn about new things using the internet. The internet has changed the way consumers perceive goods and service and the multiple channels they use to create an experiential buying journey. With India’s consumption story growing every year and with the impending launch of 5G & other new age technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain & ChatBots to name a few – retailers & online players will have to rejig their business models to meet the discerning preferences of the millennial buyer. The level playing field is getting disrupted regularly with physical retailers upping their online presence to combat price wars while the big boys of e-commerce have started to open physical stores both to create a physical experience for their buyers besides creating fulfillment points. And the game changer here is going to be technology adoption, where the first mover will gain competitive advantage and stay ahead.