The Dubai edition of Internet Commerce Summit (ICS) will create a powerful platform to catalyse digital commerce innovation and acceleration across the Middle East.

What is ICS

Internet Commerce Summit (ICS) has been conceptualised as a premium new technologies forum that showcases cutting-edge and relevant solutions for multiple industries. The debut edition of ICS Dubai focuses on the four pillars of next-gen digital commerce: E-COMMERCE & D2C, OMNICHANNEL RETAIL, MARTECH, and FINTECH & PAYMENTS.

ICS Dubai will reveal how E-commerce players can leverage these multiple trends to build brand power and drive sales.

Who should attend

ICS Dubai will bring actionable insights and showcase the latest, cutting-edge technologies that will enable retailers to grow their business post pandemic. Retailers, brands, eCommerce players, industry experts and retail vendors from across the Middle East and global markets will hear from thought-leaders, discover innovative technology and learn how to take their business into the next decade. All entrepreneurs, professionals, brands and companies directly or indirectly connected to the region’s digital commerce ecosystem will find ICS Dubai a powerful venue for category-specific intelligence, tailored networking and business development opportunities.


Thursday – Friday
16 – 17 March 2023


Conrad, Dubai, UAE

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Connect with Top Decision Makers Influencing Digital Commerce in the Middle East

ICS Dubai will host the creme de la creme of the region’s digital commerce leaders and innovators at Speakers at the Conference

Nitish Ghalsasi

Party Centre
: Head of Ecommerce & Digital Marketing

Nitish Ghalsasi

Head of Ecommerce & Digital Marketing

Party Centre

Mouna Abbassy

IZIL Beauty
: Founder and CEO

Born in Morocco, Mouna Abbassy grew up in a country where beauty rituals formed a part of essential social affairs as far as females were concerned. She witnessed her mother and other women in the community prepare their own beauty recipes with the raw and natural ingredients.

So, the creative force behind izil and a true inspiration, Mouna Abbassy started her company in 2013 after a successful marketing career in prestigious multinational companies in Dubai.

Her passion and her commitment to excellence earned her many prestigious awards like the Hadafi Award and the Cartier Women’s Initiative award and a place in the top 5 Women in Business by Arabian Business Startup and in the top 5 Arab Women that Are Changing the Beauty Game by Vogue Middle East. In 2019, only 6 years after she started, she was ranked 18th in the list of Women Behind Middle Eastern Brands by the prestigious Forbes Middle East magazine. She has been mentioned in the same list by Forbes in 2020 and 2021 as well. The list of awards and recognitions continues to grow with the brand izil.

Fueled by the passion and knowledge from her rich culture, Mouna started off with selling Moroccan beauty products on Facebook pages and exhibitions in the UAE. Because the products provide instant fantastic results, the demand quickly grew enough for her to open a kiosk in Dubai Festival City. Mouna’s Marketing background, and her 1 year program on cosmetic science at the UK Cosmetic Science Society quickly helped her scale up the business. Between 2014 to 2016, izil opened 6 kiosks and started to be noticed as Mouna started receiving multiple awards and accolades. In 2016, Mouna merged all the kiosks into one major one at Dubai Mall, and launched an e-commerce website. As sales skyrocketed, izil opened its own GMP certified manufacturing facility in Ras Al Khaimah in 2019 which was a massive step. A year later, Mouna finally took the plunge and launched a rebranded, high-end flagship store in Dubai Mall, which now also houses izil’s own deluxe spa (2020), and a Moroccan Hammam facility (since 2021).

Mouna Abbassy

Founder and CEO

IZIL Beauty

Ashima Kakar

: Co-Founder

Ashima Kakar



Srikant Krishnan

: Co-Founder

Srikant Krishnan



ICS Content Themes

D2C & Omnichannel

A new age of entrepreneurship and rapid digitalisation are creating scores of unicorns and massive opportunities in plugging demand-supply gaps through 24x7 customer outreach models. How do organisations choose among the many paths to find/ create the one most apt for their product or service?


The MENA eCommerce market is a $2.2 trillion territory, and it is expanding at an annual growth rate of 24%, four times faster than the global retail sector as a whole. E-commerce is becoming the key growth engine for retail: Its contribution has risen from 7% in 2012 to 39% in 2017, and is expected to surpass 50% by 2020. The focus for eCommerce players now needs to be on generating profitability as well, while delivering inclusive growth across sectors.


Fintech is a rising phenomenon in the MENA region, offering huge opportunities due to the scale of the market and the lack of structured financial systems. Compared to the US and Europe, 67% of the adult MENA population are either underbanked or unbanked. Also, over 60 percent of the population is under the age of 30, extremely tech-savvy and open to digital innovations. How can fintech innovators convert the opportunities to create first-mover advantages?


The global MarTech spending in 2021 was at USD 345 bn, reflecting its increasing importance for organisations in every sector and industry . From Walled Gardens to First-party Data, and from ML-driven marketing to Voice-technology and more, ICS will identify the key MarTech trends for 2022 and beyond.

ICS Content Themes

Get ready to experience Middle East’s biggest digital commerce intelligence event.

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What are the Takeaways?

Our session themes cover more than 20 topics, covering all industries touched by technology & digital transformation. All the sessions at ICS Dubai will focus on four broad themes, and feature some of the most renowned speakers and companies in areas from retail and brands to marketing, the future of work, entertainment, mobility, and much more.

Who will be there?

ICS Dubai will be attended by the Middle East’s top CXOs across industries and sectors. From the C-Suite down to key enablers and decision makers overseeing business- and digital-transformation will be participating as both speakers and delegates at the event.

The event will present exciting business development opportunities for digital solutions companies in multiple ways:

  • Showcasing your products and services to decision makers looking for custom solutions
  • Networking with peers and potential partners to expand your business

Conference Schedule

Below you’ll find the schedule for ICS Dubai 2023. We’ll keep this page regularly updated with all new speakers and sessions, so be sure to keep checking in!

Conference Schedule

Below you’ll find the schedule for ICS Dubai 2023. We’ll keep this page regularly updated with all new speakers and sessions, so be sure to keep checking in!



MAIN STAGE the future of possibilities: towards a new era of internet for the year 2030 and beyondThe Future of Possibilities: Towards a New Era of Internet for the Year 2030 and Beyond research presentationRESEARCH PRESENTATION
MAIN STAGE accelerate digital transformation for your business and make the power of internet work with 3x efficiencyAccelerate Digital Transformation for Your Business and Make the Power of Internet Work With 3x Efficiency keynote addressKEYNOTE ADDRESS
MAIN STAGE the mena catalyst – accelerating the future of e-commerce through a new age of digital democracyTHE MENA CATALYST – Accelerating the Future of e-Commerce through a New Age of Digital Democracy inaugural sessionINAUGURAL SESSION
MAIN STAGE ceos and founders conclave: mena’s ‘the internet way’: the opportunity, challenges, and success storiesCEOs and FOUNDERS Conclave: MENA’s ‘The Internet Way’: The Opportunity, Challenges, and Success Stories


TRACK 1 how can internet produce a more talented and versatile multi-skills equipped generationHow Can Internet Produce a More Talented and Versatile Multi-Skills Equipped Generation internet in educationInternet in EDUCATION
TRACK 1 healing power of internet – how internet can enable the future of healthcare and well-being to treat people, build healthier lifestyles and lead better livesHealing Power of Internet – How Internet Can Enable the Future of Healthcare and Well-Being to Treat People, Build Healthier Lifestyles and Lead Better Lives internet in healthcareInternet in HEALTHCARE
TRACK 1 tech fireside chat of the year!TECH Fireside Chat of the Year!
TRACK 1 the creator economy and the content renaissance – how viewers/readers are consuming content and how media companies can get a slice of the actionThe Creator Economy and the Content Renaissance – How Viewers/Readers are Consuming Content and How Media Companies Can Get a Slice of the Action internet in entertainmentInternet in ENTERTAINMENT
TRACK 1 internet for neo brands (d2c) – (10 brands from india) the leap club – internet powering the growth of new-age (d2c) brandsInternet for Neo Brands (D2C) – (10 Brands from India) THE LEAP CLUB – Internet Powering the Growth of New-Age (D2C) Brands


TRACK 2 how to design the right ux for the digital centric and mobile-first customerHow To Design The Right UX For The Digital Centric And Mobile-First Customer mobile marketingMOBILE MARKETING
TRACK 2 internet for brick-n-mortar stores – making internet relevant for stores – crafting the internet experience for our retail storesInternet for Brick-n-Mortar Stores – Making Internet RELEVANT for STORES – Crafting the Internet Experience for Our Retail Stores


TRACK 1 internet from the eyes of a futuristInternet from the Eyes of a Futurist keynote addressKEYNOTE ADDRESS
TRACK 1 internet in travel and hospitalityInternet in TRAVEL and HOSPITALITY
TRACK 1 the internet of mobility : building mobility and automobile experiences of the futureThe Internet of Mobility : Building Mobility and Automobile Experiences of the Future internet in mobilityInternet in MOBILITY
TRACK 1 internet in banking and financialservices – a new paradigm of banking – the emergence of a digital world of financial servicesInternet in BANKING and FINANCIALSERVICES – A New Paradigm of Banking – The Emergence of a Digital World of Financial Services
TRACK 1 internet for neo brands (d2c) – (10 brands from gcc) the leap club – internet powering the growth of new-age (d2c) brandsInternet for Neo Brands (D2C) – (10 Brands from GCC) THE LEAP CLUB – Internet Powering the Growth of New-Age (D2C) Brands


TRACK 2 cx journey – curating the next level of customer experiencesCX Journey – Curating the Next Level of Customer Experiences
TRACK 2 supply chain – turning the spotlight on supply chain fulfilment and last mile delivery as a ‘revenue enhancer’ and ‘path to greater profitability’Supply Chain – Turning the Spotlight on Supply Chain Fulfilment and Last Mile Delivery as a ‘Revenue Enhancer’ and ‘Path to Greater Profitability’
TRACK 2 social commerce – social commerce – make or breakSOCIAL COMMERCE – Social Commerce – Make or Break
TRACK 2 fintech – the pulse of fintech and its power to revolutionize how we pay, work, entertain and shopFINTECH – The PULSE of Fintech and its Power to Revolutionize How We Pay, Work, Entertain and Shop

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ICS Dubai 2023

The Middle East’s largest eCommerce intelligence event is a must-attend for every business and professional connected to digital commerce, be that as a practitioner or a solution provider. Reserve your seat today to make your presence felt at ICS Dubai 2023.

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